Group photo of the 6 founders of grillsquare, a company that sells portable grills

About Grillsquare

Welcome to Grillsquare! We’re a team of 6 students from Luxembourg who are here to make grilling easy, especially when you’re on the move.


Being students who enjoy grilling, we needed an easy way to do it while traveling. That’s when we came up with the idea – a grill that can easily be disassembled! It’s not just portable; it’s also good for the environment.


At Grillsquare, we’re all about hanging out with friends, having fun, and enjoying delicious food. Our aim is simple: to get people outside, spending quality time with friends, and creating lasting memories.

Join Grillsquare today for easy-to-carry, eco-friendly grills crafted for unforgettable outdoor experiences.

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