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No Plastic

As part of our commitment to enhancing environmental sustainability, we’ve taken significant steps to replace all single-use grills with our eco-friendly alternatives. 


Our production process is completely free of plastic, and our packaging is exclusively crafted from cardboard. These measures make our grills considerably more eco-friendly than traditional single-use options.

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From the very beginning, reducing plastic has been a core focus for us, evident in every aspect of our operations, extending across production, packaging, and shipping.


As we expand our ability to serve more individuals, our commitment to environmental sustainability strengthens. We’re resolute in advancing cleaner, eco-friendly production methods.


Our ultimate aim is to drive sustainable change in the consumer goods industry while creating premium products proudly made in Luxembourg.

Local Production

At GrillSquare, we take pride in crafting our grills locally in Luxembourg. By manufacturing close to home, we prioritize environmental sustainability while ensuring premium quality 

for our customers.

This approach also significantly reduces shipping distances, minimizing our carbon footprint and allowing us to deliver
exceptional products efficiently.

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Against disposable grills

While disposable grills contribute to environmental harm by being used once and discarded, generating significant waste, GrillSquare offers a sustainable alternative. 


Unlike disposable grills, our GrillSquare grills are built to last and are fully recyclable. Hence helping to protect the environment by reducing waste and steering away from the throwaway culture.

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Long Durability

We dedicate ourselves to crafting products with unmatched durability, stability, and longevity. We view this as the essential first step towards sustainable consumer goods. 


By prioritizing durability, we aim to minimize environmental impact and provide our customers with reliable, long-lasting solutions

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Replaceable parts

If individual parts ever get damaged, you always have the option to order specific parts to replace the old ones. This way it’s not necessary to buy a whole new GrillSquare. 

Our vision is to extend the lifespan of our products through repairing, replacing, and maintaining. There is no need to buy a new grill if only one piece is broken.


At GrillSquare, teamwork is fundamental to our craft of creating perfect grills. Our close collaboration with “D’Schlässerei,” our manufacturer, allows us to produce exceptional products that meet our high standards for quality and eco-friendliness.

Embracing a culture of collaboration and teamwork in our workplace allows us to prioritize performance and dedicate extra time to refining our products.

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